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Conference Presentations

Connelly, C. (2014). Comparing the Emotional Arousal the may occur between alleged Genuine Spirit Trance and Pseudo-trance. Preliminary Results. 38th SPR International Annual Conference, University of York, 2014.

Roe, C.A, Bruton, D., Connelly, C., Saunders, D.T., & Evenden, R.E. (2015). Building Links Between Communities: Establishment of a Research Laboratory for the Scientific Study of Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College. 58th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association & 39th SPR International Annual Conference, University of Greenwich, 2015.

Connelly, C. (2019). Using Low-cost EEG Equipment to Screen for Individuals with Alleged Genuine Mediumistic Abilities: Results from Numerous Field Trials. 43rd SPR International Annual Conference, Holiday Inn, Leicester, 2019.

Connelly, C, Vernon, D (2021). The Role of Cognitive Executive Functions in Individuals with Mediumistic Abilities: Results from a Thematic Study. Society for Scientific Exploration & Parapsychological Association, Connections Conference, 2021.1





1Also presented at The British Psychological Society, Transpersonal Section Annual Conference, 2021 and the 44th SPR International Annual Conference, 2021.


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